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Too many people find science dull and uninspiring. It shouldn't be. It's about how everything works. Us, our world, our universe. It's life and death stuff. And great science writing brings to life the people involved and the remarkable stories of their discoveries.

Brian Clegg is an award-winning British science writer and public speaker who has written over 20 popular science books and a growing range of novels - if you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at the Science Books list and flip through what’s on offer.

He still manages to surprise me with something new on every page.

Alain de Botton (Mail on Sunday)

Science books

With over 30 popular science books in print, Brian focuses primarily on physics and mathematics, but a number of broad titles help introduce the fun of science to the wider public. These include Inflight Science and The Universe Inside You, plus his popular science quiz books How Many Moons Does the Earth Have? and What Colour is the Sun?

Two of Brian's books have been longlisted for the Royal Society Prize for science books - A Brief History of Infinity and Dice World - whilst his analysis of green issues, Ecologic, which led to him being described as a 'green heretic' won the IVCA Clarion Award.

Whatever your experience of science, there's something to fascinate.


Sometimes you need something completely different to read. Brian's Stephen Capel series of murder mysteries bring the traditional murder mystery into the twenty-first century and provide an entertaining antidote to Scandi Noir. If you prefer you murders more interactive, he has also produced a book of twelve mystery events, Organizing a Murder, providing everything you need to run an event for adults or children.

If science fiction is more your thing, check out Brian's YA novel Xenostorm: Rising, exploring the impact of an intelligent cloud of nanobots on the future of human life.

Other non-fiction

Brian has written widely on creativity and innovation - this section includes his most effective titles to help with your creativity, plus a guide to getting a non-fiction book published.


Brian is available to give talks at science and literary festivals, schools, libraries and corporate events. Find details of talks available, plus his currently scheduled public events.

See what happened when Brian introduced Robert Peston, then the BBC’s business editor, to quantum physics…


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New Book

New paperback version of The Reality Frame now available.

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Brian's new book CRACKING QUANTUM PHYSICS is a beautiful, highly illustrated beginner's guide to the quantum world. Find the whole thing mysterious? This could be the book for you.

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BIG DATA takes us into the information world where algorithms decide whether you qualify for a loan or keep your job - but equally can help fight crime and improve health and democracy.

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The fifth of Brian's Stephen Capel mysteries, An End to Innocence is now on sale.

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Hear Brian discuss quantum entanglement on Radio 4's Today programme.

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Now available in the UK too! Are Numbers Real? explores the relationship between mathematics and the real world.

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