Capturing Customers' Hearts
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We all realize how important customers are. We know what will build a good relationship with our customers. Yet so often we fail. In a fiercely competitive world, differentiation is the name of the game.

Capturing Customers' Hearts analyzes companies where the product or the company itself generate a special reaction in the customer, something much more than brand loyalty - true affection. Building 12 components of charisma on the foundation of service delivery, it uses examples of best and worst practice to pinpoint the forces that will win new customers, keep them and capture their hearts.

‘In an increasingly competitive business market, building customer relationships can differentiate your business from the pack.
Capturing Customers' Hearts explains how companies can build relationships through customers' emotions. For example, Clegg discusses ways to make customers feel ownership toward a business—they don't just like the hardware store, they feel it is their hardware store. Clegg's use of "Good News" stories and "Horror Story" anecdotes enlivens the book. Make a point to take the "Where are You Now?" assessment to gauge your company's charisma, and get pointers on avoiding "junk service."’ Harvard Business School - Working Knowledge for Business Leaders
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"Essential reading – every page presents insights and facts that are now crucial to differentiation and success." Adrian E. Lucas, CEO, Imerge Limited

"Yet again Brian goes to the heart of the issue giving an inspired insight into the realities of managing customer relationships. A must for companies who want to stand out like a beacon by going the extra light year for their customers…" Tony Solomon, Marketing Communications Director, Zurich IFA Group

"Brian Clegg’s new book is a ‘tour de force’. It ranges wide over the vast terrain of customer service as well as digging deep into some of the fundamental issues that still need to be addressed. Not only did I learn a lot from this excellent book but I found it incredibly enjoyable to read." David Freemantle, author, The Stimulus Factor

"Provides brilliant insights into attracting and retaining customers." Tim Robison, Director, Lucent Technologies
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