Imagination Engineering
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Imagination Engineering develops the theme of unleashing your personal creativity for business - or life. This is a medium length business book with a difference - it's designed to be enjoyable to read.

This is all the guide you need to go about business and life more creatively. It will give you the techniques, the approach and the understanding to solve problems, generate ideas and work more creatively. Whether you are a one person band or the chief executive of a corporate, this is the guide you need.

Watch out for an innovative format, lots of marginalia, surprising ways to kick-start your creative thinking and a strong linking metaphor to help with the business of innovation stimulation.
Imagination Engineering - a roadmap from here to there for those times when you don't know where there is.

Once you have read this book you will have a new way of looking at creativity; putting problem-solving and idea-generating techniques into a convenient, easy-to-remember framework. Your next big idea could be only moments away...

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In the era of the global market, when profound economic shifts are taking
place and the intensity of competition is increasing in every trading sector, traditional management thinking becomes redundant. Many managers find themselves facing a business journey into the unknown, with few navigational aids for guidance. Imagination Engineering sets out to survey the new frontiers and find adventurous routes across otherwise hostile terrain. It is recommended reading for those in enterprises of every kind."
Lord Marshall, Chairman, British Airways

At last, creativity techniques that can be utilised within normal business processes. Business is fast, furious, frenetic and focused. Creativity can make it fun as well.
Mark Ralf, Director and SVP Purchasing, SmithKline Beecham
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