Sustainable Business
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‘Sustainability’ was once the sole domain of sandal-wearing hippies – now it is an essential for business success.

There is a two-fold benefit to be gained here. First there is personal gain. Everyone wants the environment to be better for their children and grandchildren, to leave a positive legacy. But there is also real business benefit to be had from taking the right approach to green issues. This is as much about the bottom line as it is about saving the planet.

Sustainable business recognizes that the world has limited resources, and faces a significant threat from climate change. Being more sustainable requires better information about the sourcing of your products and services, better control of resources and clear aims to reduce your impact on the environment. But it’s not about reducing profits or retreating into the dark ages. Sustainable business combines the best of modern technology with consideration for the environment.
There are three essentials:

  1. Discovering what will really provide environmental benefit and what merely looks good
  2. Making the right decisions to become more sustainable in a financially acceptable fashion
  3. Presenting your green credentials to customers and the wider public in such a way that your organization is seen in a positive light, rather than as a purveyor of greenwash.
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