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Too many people find science dull and uninspiring. It shouldn't be. It's about how everything works. Us, our world, our universe. It's life and death stuff. And great science writing brings to life the people involved and the remarkable stories of their discoveries.

Brian Clegg is an award-winning British science writer and public speaker who has written over 40 popular science books and a growing range of novels.

Brian's complete bibilography

He still manages to surprise me with something new on every page.

Alain de Botton (Mail on Sunday)
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Talk - 18 February - 10.45am - Swindon

As part of the Festival of Tomorrow, Brian explores entertaining misconceptions of science.


New Capel Mystery

An impossible murder on a fairground ride opens up a trail that leads to Anglo-Saxon treasure, a mysterious tunnel and a deadly confrontation.


Now in paperback

Journey back to ten separate days in history to understand how particular breakthroughs were achieved, meet the individuals responsible and see how each breakthrough has influenced our lives.

Brian's most recent talk at the Royal Institution in London
General Science books

With topics ranging from what makes you the individual you are to the science you experience on a plane flight, from quick introductions to fun science quizzes, explore the stimulating range of science writing.


The science at the heart of everything, from the mysteries of quantum theory, through to relativity.


Mind-boggling maths, from infinity to probability.


The big picture - from the origins of the universe to the nature of dark matter and gravitational waves.


The lives of great scientists and remarkable characters.


There's brain stimulation in Brian's puzzle and cipher challenge Conundrum, while the Stephen Capel murder mysteries bring the traditional murder mystery into the twenty-first century. And check out Brian's Xenostorm: Rising, exploring the impact of an intelligent cloud of nanobots on the future of human life.

Other non-fiction

Brian has written widely on creativity and innovation - this section includes his most effective titles to help with your creativity, plus a guide to getting a non-fiction book published.

Talks based on books

Brian is available to give talks at science and literary festivals, schools, libraries and corporate events. Find details of talks available, plus his currently scheduled public events.

Brian introduces Robert Peston to quantum physics


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