Science is rightly a fundamental part of the primary school education, but that doesn't make it easy to teach.

Brian Clegg

This straight-talking book from an experienced science writer and communicator looks at how to make the most of science and give primary school children a good grounding in the topic.

It shows how to turn a difficult subject into a fun one, and encourages teachers to make the most of the available resources that can make science enjoyable for the children and for the teacher.

There's plenty of help already on curriculum contents, lesson plans and the practical aspects of teaching science, but it's hard to get enthused about a subject that seems so alien, or frankly so dull. Getting Science sets out to bring the sense of wonder to science. The science in this book is not for the children, but for the adults who have to explain science. Starting with a whirlwind tour of the great milestones of modern science, Getting Science goes on to take each of the main curriculum topics and give it a new twist. It provides the information needed to understand the key science topics better and be able to put them across with enthusiasm and energy.

The book is there to help teachers to get children excited by science, to "get" science rather than just answer science questions. Getting Science makes science fun, approachable and comprehensible to those who just don't get it.

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Science is rightly a fundamental part of the primary school education, but that doesn't make it easy to teach. Wired

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