The whole thing is rather sloppily thought out, and for this I must respectfully clip your ear.

Albert Einstein (Letter to Max Born on Quantum Physics)

Brian Clegg

Enter the invisible world of sub-atomic particles and discover the very core of existence.

Cracking Quantum Physics takes you through every area of particle physics to clearly explain how our world was, and is, created, breaking down the most complex theories into easily understandable elements.

This highly illustrated, attractive introduction to quantum theory includes:

  • The anatomy of the elements
  • Enter the atom
  • Accelerators and colliders
  • Quantum electrodynamics
  • Quantum reality
  • The many worlds interpretation
  • Black holes
  • String theory
  • Time travel
  • The quantum Zeno effect

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If the whole business currently leaves you mystified, this would be an excellent way to get started. Peter Spitz, Popular Science book review site

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