Brian Clegg

The ultimate trial of knowledge and cunning, Conundrum features 200 cryptic puzzles and ciphers. The solutions link throughout the book – so you need to solve them all to get to the final round.

With a focus on ciphers and codebreaking, Conundrum contains twenty sections, each built around a specific subject from music to literature, physics to politics. To take on Conundrum you need good general knowledge and the ability to think laterally. But if you need help, there are plenty of hints to point you in the right direction.

Whether you attempt to crack it alone or work in a team, Conundrum will challenge you to the extreme.

Can you take on Conundrum and win? There’s only one way to find out…

Science Focus has put up six of the simpler science-based challenges from Conundrum in interactive form on their website. Click through to have a go! Note that it can be quite a bit easier to do the first challenge in their interactive quiz on paper.


If you’d like a signed copy - it makes a great gift - purchase direct below. If you want a personalised inscription, just drop Brian an email at at the same time with the details.

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