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Are Numbers Real?

Numbers began as simple representations of everyday things, but mathematics rapidly took on a life of its own, occupying a parallel virtual world. In Are Numbers Real? Brian Clegg explores the way that maths has become more and more detached from reality, yet despite this is driving the development of modern physics.

Even the most math-phobic have nothing to fear in the latest from English science writer Clegg… lighthearted yet far-reaching look at the history of numbers and how we use them

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Dice World

As troubling as we pattern-seeking humans may find it, modern science has repeatedly shown us that randomness is the underlying heartbeat of nature.


A fantastic look at the importance of randomness, full of interesting and philosophical ideas while still remaining open and accessible.

Royal Society Judges

Introducing Infinity

Infinity is a profoundly counter-intuitive and brain-twisting subject that has inspired many great thinkers, and driven others to the brink of insanity. See what it can do for you in this superbly illustrated graphic guide.

Infinity is a very big subject.

Almost everyone

A Brief History of Infinity

Infinity is a subject that teases and fascinates. It has driven more than one mathematician mad, yet young children play with the concept, counting faster and faster before triumphantly shouting 'Infinity!'

A breathtaking mix of the gradual revelation of the infinite and the amazing paradoxes it throws up: time to head for infinity and beyond.

Endlessly fascinating.

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