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The transformative technology of the qubit revolution.

Computer technology has improved exponentially over the last 50 years, but the headroom for bigger and better electronic solutions is running out. Our best hope lies with quantum physics.

Quantum algorithms had been written long before hardware was built. These would allow a quantum computer to transform the power of information searches, or to crack the mathematical trick behind internet security. However, making a quantum computer is incredibly difficult. Despite hundreds of laboratories working on the them, we are only just seeing them come close to 'supremacy' where they can outperform a conventional computer.

In this approachable introduction, Brian Clegg explores algorithms and their quantum counterparts, examines the physical building blocks and quantum weirdness necessary to make a quantum computer, and explains how today's prototypes are pushing the limits of modern technology in search of the breakthrough that will transform the industry.

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I thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s book I thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s book Quantum Computing… In particular I enjoyed the precise way he guides the reader through what is complex subject matter, providing historic and technical references as to the emergence of Quantum mechanics and theories of randomness. No easy task. I read a lot of Quantum Books that required a Phd to get past the first Chapter – but not this time. Brian nails it… The book I consider this essential reading for anyone concerned about cyber attacks, specifically ransomware or simply interested in the next evolution of computing. The big question – what is a Quantum Machine is answered perfectly. The book covers core principles of how Quantum Computing differs from Classical Computers while dispelling several myths of Quantum Mechanics and confirms some of the classical laws to be no more than useful trends.

For those new to computing and the non deterministic, probabilistic quantum mechanical world – the book provides a condensed guide with sufficient detail and examples that should make pennies begin to drop everywhere, and readers are made aware of the extreme potential of the Qubit Revolution to support the next evolution of humanity and civilisation. Nick Ayton, Irish Tech News

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