Clegg accomplishes the impressive feat of persuading readers that ESP might exist, while delivering a delightfully astute examination of the current evidence

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Brian Clegg

We'd all love to have 'psi' abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, and remote viewing. But is there any solid evidence to back up these talents, or are they nothing more than fantasy?

We still only understand a small percentage of the capabilities of the human brain—and we shouldn’t dismiss such potential powers out of hand. Although there is no doubt that many who claim these abilities are frauds, and no one has yet won James Randi’s $1M prize for demonstrating ESP under lab conditions, we still have a Nobel prize winner suggesting a mechanism for telepathy, serious scientists researching the field and university projects that produced potentially explosive results.

What’s the verdict? By looking at possible physical mechanisms for ESP and taking in the best scientific evidence, the reader can discover if this is all wishful thinking and deception, or a fascinating reality. The truth is out there.

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It’s a huge triumph that Brian Clegg’s Extra Sensory convinced me to reconsider the outsized powers of the mind, reminding me “Science must always be open-minded (in this case, quite-literally). To dismiss an observation without looking into it is totally unscientific.” The study of the mind’s magical abilities, he matter-of-factly argues, is simply a natural extension of science’s mission… The author of a slew of popular science books and a Cambridge University graduate with a focus in experimental physics, Clegg is a capable, knowledgeable guide. It’s obvious that he’s well versed in the material, particularly apparent as he shakes-down ESP studies and anecdotes. More often than not, he finds something to question. But he also generously considers the possibility that ESP could be real. In these moments, Clegg’s lucid and accessible writing style, a virtue throughout the book, is particularly praiseworthy… Maneuvering through dozens of scientific studies and some knotty physics scholarship, Clegg could easily leave the reader confused. Yet he effortlessly explains these dizzying subjects, which could very well supply mechanisms to explain ESP. Clegg smartly addresses the fundamental questions underpinning each ESP ability. Jeremy Polacek (The Brooklyn Rail)

…having just finished the book I can only say that it was an absolute joy to read… There are few books that strike a truly balanced, informed, fair-yet-reasoned approach to the subject being researched, but Clegg has managed just that with Extra Sensory and I have learnt so much while reading it… I would recommend this book to anyone with a passing interest is telekinesis, ESP, remote viewing, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis and other powers of the mind. If you’re interested in the work of people like James Randi and Derren Brown I think you’ll learn a lot from this enjoyable read… It is a wonderful book that I think will be enjoyed by those who know both a lot or a little about extra sensory abilities… but you probably knew I was going to say that. Hayley Stevens

Brian is a very grounded and extremely rational Cambridge educated physicist who, unlike many of his peers, takes a totally open-minded approach to the mysteries of the mind and its interface with "reality". What has long been needed is a book that takes a long, cool, and balanced approach to what subjective experience and objective science are telling us about the phenomenal world. Brian's new book is exactly that. It is a breath of fresh air that may, just may, build bridges. If you read only one book in your life make sure it is this one… Anthony Peake, author of The Labyrinth of Time and The Out of Body Experience

Clegg accomplishes the impressive feat of persuading readers that ESP might exist, while delivering a delightfully astute examination of the current evidence, which remains frustratingly feeble. STARRED - Kirkus Reviews

You don't have to believe in extra-sensory abilities to read, and enjoy, this book. It's interesting either way. The purpose of Clegg's research, his descriptions of personal experiences, and his conclusions are more to unpack the relationship between science and pseudoscience, if one exists at all. Kate Padilla, Spencer Daily Reporter

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