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The Non-fiction Agent

The Non Fiction Agent ebook is a step-by-step guide to presenting your book in the way most likely to get it noticed and published. Of course it can't work miracles. You need to have a good idea and be able to write - but there are plenty of unpublished authors in that position.

It's not enough to have a great idea - you have to know how to sell it.

Mind Storm

Take a look at this detailed creativity course. It guides you through all the tools and techniques you need for problem solving and idea generation, whether for personal use, a small business or a corporate.

Creativity is not a nice-to-have, it’s a survival essential

Instant Creativity

An easy to use action kit bursting with techniques that will help everyone to get the most out of his or her creativity. These simple proven techniques will help you find fresh ideas and new solutions to problems for business or more general applications. The book offers over 70 approaches to creative thinking.

The only way to succeed is throw away the rule book. Creativity is a survival skill.

Instant Stress Management

A total of 70 techniques and exercises to get on top of your stress without taking too much time - and causing more stress. An easy-to-use guide to calm.

Stress defences to employ when the going gets tough.

Instant Teamwork

A collection of over 70 ice-breakers, warmups and timeouts to get any event or team meeting energised, focused and ready to deliver.

Even the best group sometimes needs a kickstart: these exercises deliver just that.

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