Scheduled public talks

Creative Writing at Work

A rather different event: Brian will be giving a Creative Writing at Work workshop on Saturday 11 May 2019 at 3.30pm at Delapre Abbey Preservation Trust in Northampton as part of their literary festival.

This two-hour workshop helps improve written communication in the workplace and is suitable for anyone who is required to produce written content in their day-to-day work, be that annual reports or social media messages. Attendees will be introduced to the essentials to make your written communication really count, learning how to edit effectively and how to avoid common errors. The quality of your writing makes all the difference to the effectiveness of your communication, both internally and with customers or clients. This is a chance to change things for the better.

Tickets are £20 (only 15 available) and available to book now.

Einstein's Inspiration: James Clerk Maxwell

A discussion of James Clerk Maxwell, inspired by Brian's book Professor Maxwell's Duplicitous Demon on Tuesday 4 June 2019 at 4.30pm at the Helix Theatre, Cheltenham as part of the Cheltenham Science festival.

From explaining how we perceive colour to understanding the nature of light, James Clerk Maxwell unravelled some of the world’s greatest mysteries. Brian and physicist Susan Cartwright talk about the life, work and legacy of the extraordinary Victorian physicist who paved the way for Einstein’s theory of special relativity and modern electronics.

Tickets are £7 plus booking fee and available to book from 24 April (Members 17 April) from the Festival Website.

No other talks currently scheduled - but watch this space to keep informed!

To be kept up to date as new talks are added, just follow me on Twitter or 'like' my Facebook page and I will put details there as and when available.

Arranging a talk or school visit

Brian is available to give a range of talks aimed both at school children and adults with an interest in science. He has given these at schools, Cafe Scientifiques, science festivals, the Royal Institution, the British Library and Science Museum Dana Centre in London. Details below - just drop Brian an email at to get more information.

Outside the UK? Brian is now available for Skype visits - email for more information.


Pricing is £220 for a one hour talk plus questions (£250 if in the evening), £350 for a half day or £500 for a full day. Travel expenses and VAT extra. (Note these prices are for education/public events - see bottom of the page for corporate events.)

Talks and School Visits

Talks - all ages from reception to adult

WRITE NOW – What does it take to make a book? What does being an author involve? A highly interactive range of workshops for all ages from a short session for Key Stage 1 to a half day or full day for sixth forms. These events explore what is involved in being a writer from obtaining the first idea to producing and distributing the book and making translations. There’s lots of activity and inspiration along the way. For adults there is a specific version on getting your non-fiction book published.

Talks - Key Stage 2 - click on title for more info
Talks - Key Stage 3 and above/adult - click on title for more info
Talks - Key Stage 4 and above/adult - click on title for more info
Plus a 1 to 1.5 hour event specially designed for school teachers:

CREATIVITY IN THE CLASSROOM - an inspiring look at creativity techniques and exercises that can be used in the classroom, including an opportunity to assess why you want to bring creativity into the classroom and an introduction to the nature of creativity and how creativity techniques work.

Drop Brian an email at to get more information on any event.

Brian is available to give any of these talks, after dinner speeches and business creativity events (see
Business Creativity Training) - ideal for away days and corporate functions. Day rate £2,000, half day £1,400, single talk/after dinner speech £800. (All pricing exclusive of VAT and travel expenses.) Drop Brian an email at for more information.

Arranging a workshop

Brian has been giving workshops on creativity and innovation for over 20 years, and thanks to his experience in having over 50 books published and writing for many newspapers and magazine, he has now extended this service to workshops on improving your writing skills. Creativity clients range from a small organic mattress manufacturer to the BBC, the Met Office, Sony, the Treasury and EWS Railways, while Brian has given a number of Guardian Masterclasses on science writing and gives writing workshops for business and organisations as part of Writing Project.

For more information on workshops, see the Creativity Unleashed website.


Bite-sized 1.5 hour events cost £800, half day £1400 and full day £2000 (discounts for schools, universities and charities). Travel expenses and VAT extra.

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